Mermaid Tails
A look into mermaids & mermaid costumes
Make your Own Mermaid Costume

Making a mermaid tail can seem very tricky for anyone who has never tried before, but in fact is pretty easy once you get into it. As long as you have a basic idea of how to sew, or even better a sewing machine, you can create a tail in a single afternoon and create a piece which you can customise to fit your taste.

After purchasing a good quality monofin and adjusting for size, lie down on a large sheet of paper or cardboard – cardboard is easier as it holds shape and works best as a template. Trace the shape of your legs from the belly button down to the tips of the monofin, leaving around two inches for “wriggle room”: getting into a mermaid tail can be tricky if the material is too skin tight!

Next up comes the most important stage, cutting your fabric. Local craft or sewing stores are the best places to buy fabric, as they tend to label suitable materials as “swimsuit suitable”. If no labels are present, however, you can search out nylon spandex fairly easily. After purchasing your material, fold it in half and use the cardboard template to draw a chalk outline using sewer’s chalk – remember to turn your material inside out, though, as the inside of the tail will be where the sewing hems are visible!

Pin all along the traced line using straight pins, as this joins the two halves together solidly, and then cut around the outline leaving a 1 inch seam allowance for the sewing stage. Begin sewing along the two sides, remembering to remove the straight pins when they are no longer needed, then sew in your hemline at the waist. For the bottom, you may wish to add a zipper as a means of easily installing and removing the monofin, but this is not essential.

Finally, turn your mermaid tail inside out to reveal the exterior and voila – a fully functioning mermaid tail!