Mermaid Tails
A look into mermaids & mermaid costumes
Mermaid Tails
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Swimmable Mermaid Costumes

The ultimate thrill for the aspiring mermaid (or merman!) is owning a swimmable costume, which basically means a tail piece able to be worn in the water. This is truly the closest anyone will be able to get to becoming a living, breathing mermaid and as such these costumes have become immensely popular in recent years, with numerous “mermaids” springing up as entertainment options for children’s parties, corporate events or advertising campaigns.

Real swimmable mermaid tails

Many swimmable tails are made from silicone or latex in order to allow for streamlining in the water, although other fabrics and neoprene are also commonly used. These materials mean that all tails are fully customisable, meaning you can choose exactly what you want your tail to look like.

The monofin is the most important aspect of any mermaid costume as it is this which gives the mermaid tail its shape. If you have never swum using a monofin before it can take some getting used to – the trick is to use the waist and knees to create a powerful kick to power yourself through the water. Watch how a dolphin swims and you’ll get the idea!

Swimmable mermaid costumes should only be used by experienced swimmers, so please don’t purchase or make a mermaid tail and expect to become Ariel automatically – that’s not how it works!

A basic swimmable tail will generally consist of a good quality monofin, the tail itself and perhaps even a side zipper as a means of easily getting in and out of the tail. Most also come with an elasticated waistband to allow for a little give whilst swimming. However, if you wish to customise your mermaid tail, you can add on certain things, perhaps a pair of side fins which rest on the hips or a “ruffle fluke” which gives the tailpiece a little more movement – a little like an angelfish tail.

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